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From Brainstorming to Selling
In 6 weeks you'll get instructions for each week, coworking space to apply material, homework, support from other members, feedback, and more!

Want to add extra income but don't know where to start?

Get the step by step instruction each week then have time to cowork with others to apply the material! Accountability built in!

This program is great for people who
- want to create a freebie to build their email list.
- are ready to add workbooks as a form of income!
- could use these workbooks to scale their practice and launch a course or other income streams!

You aren't alone.

Work with others and get feedback each step of the way!

- Weekly live meetings via zoom (REPLAYS AVAILABLE)
- Part of zoom used for instruction and part used for coworking!
- Exclusive facebook group to share ideas and get feedback from each other
(scroll down for the self-paced course option instead!)

Are you ready to....

  • Unleash your creativity?

  • Add income streams to your business?

  • Share your services beyond 1:1 work?

I have created several workbooks over the years and love helping others find ways to grow their business!

What you get in the program!

  • 6 live sessions (55 minute lessons from 12:00-12:55 central time.)

  • Step by Step instructions on the process of creating and selling a workbook!

  • Access to a Facebook group only for group members to share ideas, get feedback, and encourage each other!

  • If you'd like, your offer will get sent to my email list for a chance to reach my audience and make some early sales!

All of this for $299

Week 1: Brainstorm and Prep Week!
Week 2: Get Organized
Week 3: Canva, formatting, branding
Week 4: Draft and Feedback
Week 5: Setting up selling
Week 6: Follow up, adjustments, catch up!

Live groups not your thing? Check out the option for the self-paced course instead!

In the self-paced course, you get access to videos, guides, the Facebook group, and your offer still gets sent to my email list however you get to determine your own schedule. There won't be live coworking BUT I will share tips with you on how you can schedule time for accountability AND the Facebook group is a great space to get accountability!

Hi! I am Alicia Johnson, a previously burned out therapist. I was dedicated to my non-profit job and gave my heart and soul to my clients and workplace. Over time, I started to have less energy for me and had no motivation to read, go hangout with friends, or do my share of household tasks. I was burned out.
My solution at the time was to leave the field. I almost stopped being a therapist and wanted to become a financial analyst or strategy planner. Something very logical since my emotional capacity was depleted.
Something shifted and with the support of my friends and family- I tried one last thing before leaving the field. I did a lot of internal work and figured out my needs for work and believed in myself that I was worthy of those things. I left my job and started my own practice where I now have a healthy work-life balance, provide excellent care to my clients, and help others achieve their own balance so they can thrive at work.
I spend a lot of time with my cat, go for walks, travel, and make (then eat) really good food! I can’t wait to hear what you end up spending your time doing!

Imagine selling stuff while on vacation!?

Having additional income streams allows you to work less 1:1 work over time, grow your audience, connect with a wider audience, and tap into your creativity!

You don't have to do this alone

Sign up and get started in your workbook journey now!

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